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We’re working on planning another job fair! Contact us if you are interested in taking part.

The Next Generation of Creativity | Adobe Max 2018 Keynote


Tutorial of the Month, October 2018:
Edit DSLR Video

In this beginner tutorial, learn how to make videos with DSLR footage by using Premiere Pro to create a time-lapse sequence, pan over a still image, stabilize shaky footage, and easily adjust colors.

This series of tutorials gives you opportunities to be creative with your DSLR videos. Create dynamic slide shows and compelling time-lapse image sequences, apply interesting effects and transitions, and make subtle but effective color adjustments.



job fair giveaways
Some of the giveaways from our annual job fair!

Our last Job Fair was a great success! See pictures and a recap on our Meeting Archives page!





Here are some events taking place around the region that you may be interested in:

hical Hacking – Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
Girl Develop It Ann Arbor

Casual Networking for Ann Arbor area IT Professionals
IT in the D


Nerd Night Ann Arbor!

Upcoming events with AllHandsActive are at http://www.allhandsactive.org/events/

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