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We’re working on planning another job fair! Contact us if you are interested in taking part.


In the meantime, check out these offers and events:


The O’Reilly Design Conference, happening March 19-22, arms designers with the skills, connections, and inspiration to create the products and services of today and tomorrow. It’s a deep-immersion experience where UX designers, product designers, web designers, information architects and many others will dissect case studies, develop new skills, share emerging best practices, and build the future of design. Save 20% with discount code USRG. Check out the impressive speaker lineup.

New Book Release: Beyond Blame

Beyond Blame

Learning From Failure and Success

By Dave Zwieback

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

Final Release Date: October 2015

Pages: 92

In this insightful book, IT veteran Dave Zwieback shows you an approach for making postmortems blameless, so you can focus instead on addressing areas of fragility within systems and organizations. If you’re involved with assessing why something goes wrong on a project or at your company—as a system administrator, developer, team manager, or executive—the concrete steps in this guide will help you find a real solution that works.


job fair giveaways
Some of the giveaways from our annual job fair!

Our last Job Fair was a great success! See pictures and a recap on our Meeting Archives page!





Here are some events taking place around the region that you may be interested in:

Nerd Night Ann Arbor!


Upcoming events with AllHandsActive are at http://www.allhandsactive.org/events/

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